Sponsors make our work possible.

With your support, we can keep our community beautiful, vibrant, sustainable, and resilient.  We welcome sponsors, and we have many opportunities for individuals and businesses to sponsor a special event, program, garden, or initiative. When you sponsor Residents, you are investing in your community. Email pclass@pwresidents.org for more information about sponsorships.

Our 2023 Youth Climate Summit is coming up! Keep reading for information about how to be a Youth Climate Summit Sponsor.



On March 18, 2023, we will convene 100 Long Island high school & middle school change agents at the Port Washington Public Library for our Third Youth Climate Summit. Please support this important event, and be a part of it!

Today we are at an important turning point in our global history. The changing climate is no longer an abstract threat lurking in our distant future. It is upon us. And with that comes a new urgency to act. Our Youth Climate Summit empowers students to act here and now by implementing Climate Action Projects in their own community.

We cannot move this Summit forward without you behind us. Help us turn our students into the change agents they strive to be in the global sustainability movement by becoming a Youth Climate Summit Sponsor. Choose a sponsorship level, and fill out the sponsorship form below.  Or, if you prefer, please email our executive director at pclass@pwresidents.org. 


Payment Method
Please enter your credit card information below or, if you prefer, mail a check to Residents Forward, P.O. Box 864, Port Washington, NY 11050.


Summit Underwriter$7,500 (sold)

Presenting Sponsor, $5,000–includes below plus banner on stage and logo on Keynote Podium (one sold, two remaining)

Workshop Sponsor, $1,500–includes below plus sign at a a workshop station, logo on step & repeat, and name on certificate of completion signage at main board (four available)

Friendship Sponsor, $500–includes below plus name on swag

Supporting Sponsor, $250–includes name on signage at event and inclusion in press releases, flyers and social media


Residents Forward is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.