Learn more about Let’s Walk PW!

See all the signs here.

When we surveyed over 800 residents asking for their vision of our town, the #1 goal was walkability and access. The need for this was highlighted during the shutdown when we noticed two things – people were out walking more and our local businesses were struggling. Our goal with Walk PW is to turn good walking into good business. Walk PW is a community-powered pedestrian wayfinding signage platform that targets people who live here, inspiring them to walk more. Look out for signs around town, reminding you that cool things are closer than you think! The next time you’re about to get in your car to drive somewhere, let these images be a reminder to try walking instead.

The planning of Walk PW was a collaborative process and we would like to highlight and thank our partners the PW Business Improvement District, the Chamber of Commerce, the Port Washington Public Library and the Cow Neck Historical Society. A special thank you to the donor behind this project. Jennifer Rimmer. Jen has been a fierce advocate for Port Washington’s quality life for over 20 years. Through her leadership, financial support and countless volunteer hours our peninsula has experienced economic vitality, beauty, education and action. We are grateful to the Rimmer Family for investing in this project.