1st Grade

Students complete after attending in school Passport Education Program to become Green Team Leader.


Today I attended a workshop called “Gifts From The Earth.”


Please ask me…

  1. Why soil, water, air, wind and sun are considered Gifts from the Earth?
  2. Why reducing, reusing and recycling are considered gifts we can give back to the Earth?


Become a Green Team Leader for my school by choosing three tasks to complete…

  1. Teach someone about “Gifts From the Earth”
  2. Take charge of my family’s recycling
  3. Assign each member of my family members a different material to recycle
  4. Turn off lights when I leave a room
  5. Remind my family to turn off lights when they leave a room
  6. Volunteer at Clean Green Main Street clean-up days
  7. Pick up litter in my neighborhood and at school
  8. Plan a family vegetable garden
  9. Tell my family about composting
  10. Start composting
  11. Remind my parents to bring their own reusable bags when they shop
  12. Use a reusable water bottle
  13. Be creative and come up with your own idea


Parents and guardians are encouraged to help children complete form.

Fill in and submit the following…