4th Grade

Students complete after attending in school Passport Education Program to become Green Team Leader.


Today I attended a workshop called “Local Birds of Prey,” which is part of the “All of Port’s a Classroom” series.


Please ask me…

  1. What are the three characteristics of all raptors?
  2. Which raptors are nocturnal? Which raptors are diurnal?
  3. What is the most common raptor in Port Washington?


Become a Green Team Leader for my school by choosing three tasks to complete…

  1. Show your parents www.volunteersforwildlife.org
  2. Describe how birds are housed
  3. Name and draw your favorite raptor
  4. Tell your parents what a raptor is
  5. Tell/show your parents what glacial rocks are
  6. Make your own mini rock garden
  7. Describe to your family what native plants are
  8. Participate in North Shore Audubon Saturday guided walk(s)  (www.northshoreaudubon.org)
  9. Join the Young Birders club at the library
  10. Find 3 different types of birds in your yard or neighborhood
  11. Visit the Sand Miner Monument on West Shore Road
  12. Find out what mined sand is used for
  13. Go to your favorite place in Port and draw it or write about what you see and hear
  14. Read a library book to learn more, such as She’s Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head! (Lasky) or Icebergs and Glaciers (Simon)
  15. Start a bird feeder.
  16. Be creative and come up with your own idea


Parents and guardians are encouraged to help children complete form.

Fill in and submit the following…