5th Grade

Students complete after attending in school Passport Education Program to become Green Team Leader.


Today I attended a workshop called “Conserve and Protect Our Water.”


Please ask me…

  1. Where does our drinking water come from
  2. How can we protect it from pollutants
  3. How can we reduce our water use to preserve it for our future


Become a Green Team Leader for my school by choosing three tasks to complete…

  1. Talk to my parents about not using chemicals on our lawn
  2. Identify toxic chemicals in my household
  3. Talk with my parents about responsibly discarding toxic chemicals
  4. Find out what the Town of North Hempstead S.T.O.P program is
  5. Dispose of pet waste responsibly
  6. Talk with your family about how to save water
  7. Turn off water when brushing teeth and take shorter showers
  8. Remind my parents to only water the lawn every other day
  9. Remind my parents that watering shouldn’t be done between 10 am and 4 pm
  10. Make a poster about ways to save water
  11. Be creative and come up with your own idea


Parents and guardians are encouraged to help children complete form.

Fill in and submit the following…