“Teach your children well…” – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Our children are our future; our environment is their future. Residents is committed to reaching the youngest of our community members via the Port Washington schools, helping to deepen their understanding of the environment and the role they can play in protecting it. To that end, Residents Forward runs programs starting in elementary school through high school. The programs build in-depth and complexity as students move from grade to grade. Residents identify and fund top environmental educators and institutions around Long Island to run these programs, which explore key topics including recycling, natural habitats, sustainability, global warming, and environmental health. These programs are funded through grants and private donors through Residents; thus this tremendous enrichment is provided at no cost to the school district.

Elementary School Programs

Middle/High School Programs

Elementary School Programs

Our innovative Environmental Passport Program, funded by a grant from the Port Washington-based Jaggar Foundation, ties in with the grade level environmental education programs taught in the Port Washington schools. Passport activities encourage students to act as environmental advocates and educators at home and in the community. Students who become Green Team Leaders will have the opportunity to work with Residents during the coming school year as ambassadors, helping with both in-school and community-wide environmental stewardship initiatives. 


  • 1st Grade: Gifts from the Earth.
    This program, created and presented by Grassroots Environmental Education, introduces our youngest children to some of the gifts that the earth gives us (air, water, soil, sun, and wind) and what we can do as a community to take the best care of them.
  • 2nd Grade: Be a Friend to Trees.
    Building on “Gifts from the Earth,” our 2nd grade program, originally conceived by Grassroots Environmental Education, explains the benefits that trees provide to the earth, including a lesson on photosynthesis. The importance of recycling to save trees is also discussed. 
  • 3rd Grade: Pond Study.
    A field trip to Baxter’s Pond, presented by Alley Pond Environmental Center, helps students become active environmentalists, learning about the pond’s ecosystem. Students see firsthand why they need to be so diligent with recycling and minimizing toxins in our waters.
  • 4th Grade: Living with Wildlife.
    Students explore the local creatures that share the peninsula with us in this program presented by Volunteers for Wildlife.
  • 5th Grade: Aquifer Program.
    This more sophisticated program, created and presented by Grassroots Environmental Education, enables students to explore the origins of their drinking water more deeply.  Grassroots’ staff teach students basic hydrogeology and the process by which pollutants can contaminate water supplies.  Also discussed are the steps individuals, families and communities can take to reduce water use. 
  • Green Team Leaders
    A Green Team Leader is someone who cares about protecting planet Earth. They want to help the plants, animals and people that live here. They take what they learn about being green and protecting our earth, and get loud about it! They share facts and tips with friends, family, teachers and anyone who will listen. They speak up! To become a Green Team Leader, make a promise to get loud about something that will help our planet. For example: remind your parents to bring reusable grocery bags; tell your friends to stop using plastic water bottles; educate others about where our drinking water comes from.
  • Climate Awareness Garden Workshop Series
    The Climate Awareness Garden project is a hands-on environmental education effort designed to raise awareness and understanding of the connection between food and climate through development and maintenance of a square foot garden.  The key themes of the project are the positive impact eating locally, eating a plant-based diet, and wasting less food can have on our climate by reducing pollution. Please join us for any or all of our workshops.

 Middle/High School Programs

Residents’ commitment to the youth of Port Washington doesn’t end with Elementary school.

In 2018, Residents Forward piloted the first Youth Climate Summit on Long Island. The full-day summit, attended by 100 students in 8th to 12th grades provided future climate leaders with a keynote address from Dr. John Byrne, president of the Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment and a contributor since 1992 to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (which was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize). The Youth Climate Summit also included workshops on topics such as waste, food, water, and careers & education. Students created their own climate action projects, which will benefit our community far into the future. 

Our Youth Climate Summit was such a success that we held a second one in the Spring of 2021 and are now planning our third for the Spring of 2023. Check back here for details!


We thank our Environmental Education and Action sponsors who have made these wonderful programs possible:


The Peter and Jeri DeJana Foundation

The Angela and Scott Jaggar Family Foundation

Melissa & Jack Vissicchio
Amy & Geoffrey Bass
Bonnie Doran
Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton
Anthony D’Urso
Jessica & Edward Friedman
Annette Jaffe
The Herz/Kolen Family
Lisa Rafofsky & Rick Krainin
The Tepper Family