Q: How do I dispose of batteries and other e-waste?
A: NY State no longer allows residents to dispose of batteries and e-waste in landfills. To find out where to dispose of these items check out Town of North Hempstead’s S.T.O.P. program.
Q: What are some ways I can minimize my residential waste such as paints and pharmaceuticals?
A: Town of North Hempstead’s S.T.O.P. program also takes care of household wastes like paint thinners, light bulbs and household cleaners. Check this list to see if what you have can be disposed of here.
Q: How do I recycle old clothing and shoes?
A: This web page lists all the different organizations on Long Island where gently used clothes can be donated.
Home Greening/Improvement
Q: How can I find out which products are safe to use on my lawn (for children and the environment)?
A: This web page has information from NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Q: Where can I find ways to make my home more energy efficient?
A: Follow this link to find out ways you can green your home.
Q: When am I permitted to water my lawn?
A: Nassau County Ordinance prohibits lawn watering between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Even numbered addresses and non-numbered homes can water only on even numbered days; odd numbered addresses can water only on odd numbered days. For this information and other water conservation tips click here.
Q: As a homeowner, how do I assess the pros and cons of solar panels?
A: Check out this great guide to determine what is right for you Solar Guide
Q: Why is composting so important?
A: Check out this beginner’s guide to composting for all of the information you could ever want! Beginners Guide to Composting
Town Parking Information
Q: What are the rules of the town parking lots?
A: The Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District (BID) has created a helpful map about all of the metered parking lots located in Port Washington. Please find a link to the map here.