Residents Forward is organizing their second Youth Climate Summit on Long Island to cultivate the next generation of environmental leaders. The Summit is open to 100 students grades 8-12. While the Summit is free to students, each seat has a $200 value which has been generously paid for by our sponsors. Students are asked to work towards a group Climate Action Project within a year’s time.

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Our fully virtual summit will begin with a keynote speaker on February 27th at 11am. It will follow up with 3 workshops (see below) and a final session dedicated to creating projects from what inspired you. We ask you to attend the keynote speaker, 2 workshops of your choice and the final work session.

Keynote Speaker February 27th 11am
Robert Klee, a lecturer at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and former Commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will open the Summit. Klee’s address “Searching for a new deal on climate? Look to the states.” will cover our timeline for reversing the effects of climate change and the concept of scaling up tools that have been regionally successful.


Beyond Plastics March 6th 11am
In this workshop you will learn about the Beyond Plastics Movement, whose mission is to end plastic pollution by being a catalyst for change at every level of our society. They seek to achieve the institutional, economic, and societal changes needed to save our planet, and ourselves, from the plastic pollution crisis. This workshop will be led by Dr. Hildur Palsdottir, who holds a PhD in biophysics and is the founder of Sol Center. Dr. Palsdottir will be representing Transition Town Port Washington, as they work to implement the Beyond Plastics mission in Port Washington.

Permaculture & Closed Loop Systems March 20th 11am
We create an incredible amount of waste every day, especially in the school cafeteria. Help environmental activist and educator Lynn Capuano transform the way we grow, prepare, package and discard food right in Port Washington. Lynn Capuano, J.D., M.S., has over 10 years of technical and analytical experience in environmental management, sustainability, regulatory compliance, and disaster mitigation, as well as 8 years practicing environmental, civil, and criminal law.

Rewilding for Climate Protection April 10th 11am
This workshop will cover the basics of a very powerful activist tool to renew the earth and improve the resilience of our neighborhood. ReWilding is the act of using native species in our wild spaces, public locations and homes to improve biodiversity and reduce greenhouse emissions. The workshop is facilitated by high school student activists, as well as Raju Rajan and Paul Merkelson of ReWild Long Island, a Port Washington based community organization that is dedicated to fostering biodiversity and fighting Climate Change. At the end of the workshop, learn how you can apply for summer internships and volunteer positions with the Summer Program to Fight Hunger and Climate Change.

Project Planning Session April 24th 11am
You’ve learned so much and now it’s time to put that knowledge to action. Hear from Kali DeMarco, the youth leadership coordinator for The Wild Center. Kali works to empower students throughout New York to take climate action. Hear what other students are working on throughout the country during the pandemic. Get inspired and begin your own project.


Thank you to our Youth Climate Summit Sponsors:

The Peter and Jeri Dejana Family Foundation
The Angela and Scott Jaggar Foundation
Melissa & Jack Vissicchio
Senator Anna Kaplan
Amy and Geoffrey Bass
Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton
Bonnie Doran
Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso
Jessica and Edward Friedman
Annette Jaffe Interiors
Suzanne Kolen and Arnie Herz
Rick Krainin and Lisa Rafofsky
Elise Tepper

Watch our video to learn more about the Youth Climate Summit.