Residents Forward is organizing their second Youth Climate Summit on Long Island to cultivate the next generation of environmental leaders. The Summit is open to 100 students grades 8-12. While the Summit is free to students, each seat has a $200 value which has been generously paid for by our sponsors. (Click here to sponsor the Youth Climate Summit). In return, students are asked to give ten hours of volunteer work towards a group Climate Action Project within a year’s time. Click here to fill out an application.

Robert Klee, a lecturer at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and former Commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will open the Summit. Klee’s address “Searching for a new deal on climate? Look to the states.” will cover our timeline for reversing the effects of climate change and the concept of scaling up tools that have been regionally successful.

Students will then participate in 2 of 8 workshops:

Renewable Energy
Students will hear from Walter Meyer, a Harvard-educated urban designer who won the White House’s “Champions of Change” Presidential award after starting a non-profit dedicated to free geothermal and solar generators to volunteer centers on the Rockaway Peninsula. Walter is an urban designer who uses ecosystem services to create resilient hydrology and energy systems, especially in vulnerable coastal communities. In 2006 he co-founded Local Office Landscape and Urban Design (LOLA).

★Sponsored by Bonnie Doran★

Disrupt Your School Lunch
We create an incredible amount of waste every day, especially in the school cafeteria. Help environmental activist and educator Lynn Capuano transform the way we grow, prepare, package and discard food right in Port Washington.

★Sponsored by Superzero★

Rewild for Climate Protection
This workshop will cover the basics of a very powerful activist tool to renew the earth and improve the resilience of our neighborhood. ReWilding is the act of using native species in our wild spaces, public locations and homes to improve biodiversity and reduce greenhouse emissions. The workshop is presented by Raju Rajan, one of the founders of ReWild Long Island, a Port Washington based community organization that is dedicated to using biodiversity to fight Climate Change. 

Permaculture – Fighting Climate Change in Your Backyard
Meet Anandi Premlall, a certified permaculture educator and activist. Anandi works to create opportunities, for people to own land and sustain themselves. Learn about ancient seeds and the practice of seed bombing. She will teach us how to create abundant systems to grow food for all locally.

★Sponsored by Dawn Serignese★

Film and Storytelling
Documentary film maker Margaret Galbraith will show students how videos and social media are powerful tools to galvanize people to act and change behaviors. Working in groups we will create production plans and storyboards for each of these projects, identifying our audience, point of view, tone, message, and a circulation plan.

★Sponsored by the Moschetta Gilbert Family★

Hip Hop Can Help Save the Planet  (anonymously sponsored)
Hip Hop culture emerged out of a time of turmoil by young people who decided to turn their bleak circumstances into something positive and beautiful. In this workshop, learn a brief history of Hip Hop and its connection to social justice movements, like the environment. Jam with artist, educator and agent of change Fabian Saucedo or Farbeon. Spend the session crafting your own poetic voices that blend rap and science with time to share with partners or the whole group.

Create a Compelling Opinion Piece
Ron Bel Bruno, a writer, editor, and content marketing strategist will teach students how to create a compelling essay and give them confidence in their ability to make a difference.


We all know that large scale policies will have the greatest impact on reversing climate change. How do you convince leaders to pass legislation that will benefit the environment?  This workshop focuses on interacting with lawmakers about legislation that will benefit the environment. A New York State Senate External Relations Manager will discuss best practices for crafting a message and meeting with elected officials.


Watch our video to learn more about the Youth Climate Summit. 

Thank you to our Youth Climate Summit Sponsors:

The Peter and Jeri Dejana Family Foundation
The Angela and Scott Jaggar Foundation
Senator Anna Kaplan
Amy and Geoffrey Bass
Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton
Bonnie Doran
Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso
Jessica and Edward Friedman
Annette Jaffe Interiors
Suzanne Kolen and Arnie Herz
Rick Krainin and Lisa Rafofsky
The Moschetta Gilbert Family
Kara and Andrew Small
Elise Tepper